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07 May 2009 @ 02:40 pm
HI guys~ It's been a while since anyone has posted. I was thinking, maybe I could post a little something to liven it up again.. At least. Until I go to college. I finished my APs! YAY! That means I'm kinda free for the rest of the school year -- kinda. So~ I uploaded this for ygsecret21, but since I haven't shared in a while~ I thought I'd share here too.

2NE1! I absolutely adore them. I really don't know what to say. LOL. I really think you guys should all check it out! These girls are amazing. I can't wait to hear more songs from them in the future~

Artist: 2NE1
Album Title: Fire
Genre: Dance/Pop
Language: Korean

SPACE MV (HQ) download

STREET MV (HQ) download

Credits: YGSecret21 & cashewmania's CB

28 August 2008 @ 09:53 am
I'm tired of seeing people come and leave without leaving a comment after downloading. By leaving us comments or even a SIMPLE thank you, it lets us uploaders know we're doing some good by helping you downloaders/leechers get your access to music. Also it makes us happy to know people are coming here to get their album/music needs. Anyway, to get straight to the point.

"Enjoy the music and please comment whenever you take something; it makes us happy to see that people are enjoying what we are uploading."
Quoted from the user information of AC Music

From now on, all posts will be MEMBERS ONLY.
This means that you must join the community to be able to gain access to download links.

If you have a problem, don't complain.
21 July 2008 @ 07:52 pm
YAY~! I finally finished doing my playlist and I'm excited to share what I have with you guys. I don't know how long I'll be able to do this for, but I can only upload when my brother's not on his computer, because when I lag him, he lags me back. It's a battle.

So, the rules. I can only do three songs per person until I have fulfilled your request. Simple enough?

Welcome to Kathy's Wonderful World. ;D


The post will remain open for a few days and after that only members have access to the download requests.

- Kathy
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I wanted to upload something, but I just didn't know what so.. I found this on soompi, and was like.. what the cow.. why not. Half the things don't exactly make sense, but I guess it'll work just for the heck of the randomness. Well.. Enjoy buddies.

Anyone can join in. Just post it in the comments, if you're a member, or message me and I'll post it up for you.

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you’re cool...

Opening Credits:
Mose - Do You Remember

Waking Up:
Loveholic - Crazy

First Day At School:
Shinhwa - Mistake (Junjin & Andy)

Falling In Love:
Wheesung - With Me

Fight Song:
Daphne Loves Derby - Cue the Sun!

Breaking Up:
Fly To The Sky - Good To You

Jay Chou - The Orcs

Stacie Orrico - Easy To Luv You

Mental Breakdown:

Ne-Yo - Sexy Love (Duet Remix) (ft Candace Jones)

Jesse McCartney - That Was Then


Ilac - Pathos

Getting back together:

Lisa - Tonight (Tonight Is The Night) (with Dynamic Duo)

Barbi Schiller - Misty's Song Remix LOLOLOL YAY POKEMON~! Truthfully.. I love this remix.

Birth of Child:

Shinhwa - Soul

Final Battle:

Lena Park  - Havisham's Walts

Death Scene:

Genie Chou - Dui Ni Di Ai

Funeral Song:
Brown Eyed Girls - How could I Love You

End Credits:
M-Flo - Let Go

Wheeee~! I need to organize my songs. Sometime this summer. I swear.

Kathy loves you.
Comments are love. ;D I'll keep this open for a while.
12 July 2007 @ 12:13 am
This is the 2007 Summer compilation for SMTOWN, which consists of current artists under SM Entertainment.  This is a remake album of some popular songs, including "Under the Sea" from the soundtrack of The Little Mermaid.  Super Junior sang a remake of H.O.T.'s 행복 Happiness, which is a pretty upbeat and fun song.  Overall, everything is great here.  BoA's track featuring Super Junior member Shin Dong is quite nice, merging BoA's pretty voice with Shin Dong's rough rap.  My only regret in this album is that Jang Ri In did not get a song of her own since I favor her haha.  

Release date  07.08.2007
Language  Korean
Genre  Pop
Label  SM Entertainment
Support  yesasia

01  Prologue for SMTOWN
02  여행을 떠나요
03  행복  -  Super Junior
04  이브의 경고  -  BoA feat. Shin Dong
05  한여름의 크리스마스  -  Dong Bang Shin Ki
06  지난 여름밤의 이야기  -  Kangta
07  Festival  -  Cheon Sang Ji Hee the Grace
08  조개껍질 묶어
09  Under the Sea
10  여행을 떠나요  (Instrumental)
11  Under the Sea (Instrumental)
→ download album (51.19 MB)  [ss]  [mu]  [rs]

Please remember to comment if you download, enjoy!

11 July 2007 @ 06:57 pm
행복 Haengbok (Happiness) is Super Junior's newest song and is included in the newest SMTOWN Summer album.  This is a very upbeat and joyful song. When I first heard of it, I felt like dancing and just jumping around!  I even made a gif out of the MV, which I uploaded for you guys too puahaha.


Super Junior - 행복
→ download song:  
☆ megaupload
☆ rapidshare 

Super Junior - 행복 MV
→ download mv:  
☆ megaupload   
☆ rapidshare 

As always, comment if you download ♥  Enjoy!

09 July 2007 @ 08:32 pm
New LJ banner featuring 1TYM♡.. it's temporary until I can figure out what artist to feature (or maybe I'll stick with 1TYM but I need to find better images). Anyway, here are some new uploads.

Tegomass consists of Tegoshi & Masuda from NEWS, a JPOP group comprised of six members. There's not much to say about them. Tegoshi has starred in a Japanese drama known as 'My Boss, My Hero.'

Tegomass - ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~ (2nd Single)
Released: 2007
Company: Johnny's Entertainment
Genre: JPOP
Support: YesAsia.com
Size: 24.32MB
01. Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~
02. Kimi+Boku=LOVE
03. Marui Chikara
04. Kibou no Hikari wo Kokoro ni Tomoso
05. Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~ [Original Karaoke]

Tegomass - Miso Soup (1st Single)
Released: 2006
Company: Johnny's Entertainment
Genre: JPOP
Support: YesAsia.com
Size: 28.29MB
01. ミソスープ (Miso Soup)
02. はじめての朝
03. Chocolate
04. 砂時計
05. ミソスープ (オリジナル・カラオケ) (Miso Soup Karaoke)


1TYM - One Time For Your Mind
Released: April 1, 1999
Company: YG Family
Genre: KPOP
Support: YesAsia.com
Size: 23.9MB
01. 1TYM
02. Get Up
03. Escape
04. Good Love
05. Falling in Love
06. What For The World Exist?
07. My Life
08. Heaven
09. Wait For Me

Please comment if downloading. :)
.. or I might go back to locking my entries :P.
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05 July 2007 @ 07:36 pm
they`re back with no limitations! since no one has ULed it yet i thought i would use Kathy`s sharebee and share with u all ;D



01 사랑해
02 My Angel
03 기억한줌
04 가질 수 없어도
05 미워해줘
06 남겨진 사람
07 Let's Get It On
08 Man 2 Man
09 3번째 날
10 결혼하지마
11 그래도 사랑입니다 (ft Heritage)
12 오늘도 이쁜걸
13 Kissing You (ft Issac Squab of Trespass)
14 가벼운 사랑 (ft 현무 & TKO of Trespass)

enjoy :] i`ve only listened to this album... three times? so i don`t have a good grasp on this album yet but i really like 2 and... 11 XD
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05 July 2007 @ 05:12 pm
I'm such a lazy bum.  I'm gonna extract a paragraph from Wikipedia from now on to introduce the albums.  I think Wikipedia does a much better job than me lol.  Some of the hip hop tracks might sound a bit weird at first and you might not even like it but as you listen to them more, you'll get used to them.  The ballads are still worth the listen ^o^  This is still a recommended album.

From Wikipedia: Leehom's ninth album, 不可思議 Unbelievable marked another mile stone in his career.  Not only did the album heavily stressed mainstream R&B and hip hop, it also sold more than 1,300,000 copies in Asia and won him Best Producer of the Year again for the 金曲獎 Golden Melody Awards in 2004.  The first title song of the album, "You're Not Here" (你不在) was ranked #1 in several music charts and stayed for well over 10 weeks.  Before the release of Unbelievable, Wang began his first world concert tour titled "Unbelievable."  The concert tour received rave reviews from fans and critiques in all regions in Asia.

王力宏 Leehom Wang ♥ 不可思議 9th album
Release date  10.15.2003
Language  Mandarin Chinese
Genre  Pop, Ballad, Hip Hop, R&B
Label  Sony Music Entertainment

01  Ya Birthday
02  你不在 Sanny's favorite
03  Love Love Love  Sanny's favorite
04  女朋友
05  此刻,你心裡想起誰
06  不可思議電台
07  你和我
08  What Was I Thinking
09  Not Your Average Thug
10  不著地
11  Can You Feel My World
12  愛無所不在
13  我就喜歡 Promotional song for McDonald's, Chinese version of "I'm lovin' it"
download album (65.19 MB)

Enjoy!  Download → comment → ♥♥♥